Help for Helpicine

What is Helpicine

Helpicine is a medical app with a purpose, namely to help you keep track of and have an overview of your medication inventory.

Usage scenarios
  • Non-chronically ill - individuals who need to keep track of their medication on specific occasions.
  • Chronically ill - individuals experiencing recurring disorders and conditions and typically have a more frequent need for medication.
  • Parents - If a child has a condition that the child cannot administer themselves, parents can use the app together to keep track of the child's progress and ensure that the child receives the prescribed medication from the doctor. Parents can share an account and both stay updated.
  • Youths - Some youths may have a condition that they need to administer and dose themselves, such as asthma or diabetes. If parents or guardians are concerned about whether the youths remember to take their medication, they can help by sharing an account with the youths, so they also can keep track of the medication and receive reminders.

How do I delete my account?

You have 2 options for deleting your account:

  • Through the app - you can do it yourself by logging into the app and clicking on "My account" at the top of the screen. Here you will see a menu for your user settings, as well as the "Delete account" button.
  • By contacting support - You can also write to Helpicine Support, who can guide you through a deletion procedure. It is important that you create the case with the email you used when creating an account in the app.

When deleting an account, all data on the device will be completely erased, and therefore it will not be possible to recover it.